Titelbild Time to Groove - Volume 3 (2024)

Time to Groove - Volume 3 (2024)

With 'Time to Groove - Volume 3' I finally complete my album trilogy. This collection of own compositions explores the broad spectrum of acid jazz and connects them all with an irresistible groove that can be felt in every piece. In the third album, dedicated to the compact disc era, the music combines the glamour and splendour of pieces from that era with contemporary elements. Here, electronic sounds increasingly find their place and give the songs a more modern touch. It will be available f...

Titelbild Time to Groove - Volume 2 (2024)

Time to Groove - Volume 2 (2024)

Time to Groove - Volume 2" continues my three-part series. In collaboration with a select group of musical companions, this album presents a collection of exclusively original compositions from the broad spectrum of acid jazz. The central element that connects them all is the irresistible groove that can be felt in every piece. The focus of the second album in the trilogy is on pieces that could have appeared on good old audio cassettes. It will be available from all digital music providers f...

Titelbild Time to Groove - Volume 1 (2023)

Time to Groove - Volume 1 (2023)

On 30 November 2023 the time has finally come - my latest album "Time to Groove - Vol.1" will be released. In 2020, when the world stood still, I used the time to work out many song ideas that had been buzzing in the back of my head for some time. In the last few years, I was also able to win over many friends again who contributed their part to this project. As the title suggests, there have been so many great songs that they just don't all fit on one album. In fact, there are so many songs tha...

Einfach fühlen, einfach sein

A new song with the incomparable and unique Jasmin Perret has just been finished. And we also made a quick music video for it. "Einfach fühlen, einfach sein" ("Simply feel, simply be") is a ballad that just fits these times now. It's also one of the first German-language songs Jasmin and I have done together in all these years. Have fun with it.

Let you follow me

I have finally managed to realise an old idea. I wanted to project different graphic elements onto different surfaces with a projector and then film them again. The result is a music video for a song together with Jasmin Perret from my last album "On the Rhodes again". It was filmed at an abandoned mill in the Palatinate.

CUTI - Killer on the road

How do you get a turtle, a beetle, a spider, footage from a drone and a shotgun into one video? Here's the result: a not very serious music video of the jam formation "CUTI", which was made this year in the vineyard.

By the way, there is also a Best Of album of the formation at all usual suppliers (e.g. Amazon). Just look for "CUTI - Best of 2008 - 2018". Have fun.

The JIC - Just in Case (2019)

The first album of "The JIC" with the title "Just in Case" is finished. Ten tracks, partly with strings, partly as a trio take the listener on a journey. "Highway back home" gives a first impression. The album is now available as a digital download or stream from all the usual providers.
More info about the trio at www.thejic.de (in German).

Titelbild One the Rhodes again (2017)

One the Rhodes again (2017)

It took quite a while, but finally it’s finished: my new CD „On the Rhodes again“. As with „Back in the Groove“ I was able to win many friends for the recordings. After the CD had been finished for a while, in October 2018 the CD will finally be released digitally on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Deezer and others. Have fun listening!

On the Rhodes again – Trailer

Here’s the album trailer for my new album „On the Rhodes again“ where I recorded my own songs with many friends. From 15 October 2018 the album is also available for download on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Deezer and many more.


„The JIC“, is my new trio plus string quartett. It is a wild mixture of Jazz and film music and many other influences. In May 2017 we had our first gig which has been celebrated by the audience and the press. Now our website is online.
On www.thejic.de we have more demo material and infos (in German).

Daily Hustle

My new album is finally finished. It is entitled „On the Rhodes again“. Daily Hustle is a first release. More coming soon…

Slow Funk (Nightly Session)

My new album is in the mastering process. But it still takes some time. In the meantime here’s a video I just made. Have fun…

Annie Questions? with strings – Trailer

„Annie Questions? With Strings“ is the new album of the Funk- and Soulband „Annie Questions?“. For the 25th anniversary, the band played together with a string orchestra and recorded that in the beautiful art deco festival hall in Landau, Germany.
„Annie Questions? With Strings“ is available on 21st of November 2015 as CD and DVD as well as digital download on iTunes, Amazon and others.
More info under www.annie-questions.com...

Annie Questions – Raise – Album Trailer

The new album „Raise“ of the Band „Annie Questions?“, where I play keyboards is out now and available on iTunes, amazon mp3 …

Titelbild Lost And Found (2012)

Lost And Found (2012)

And here the second CD with song that I gathered within the last few years titled „Lost And Found – Resteverwertung Vol.2“.

Titelbild Old School Y’All (2012)

Old School Y’All (2012)

Within the last few years I made some songs, that I gathered on two CDs. Here the older ones on „Old School Y’All – Resteverwertung Vol. 1“.

Titelbild A Different Colour (2011)

A Different Colour (2011)

„A Different Colour“ is an album with selected songs from different scores that I wrote in the last years.

Titelbild Back In The Groove (2009)

Back In The Groove (2009)

As the title says this time I focused on groovy songs. All songs were written by myself.

Titelbild Some Jazzy Tunes in troubled times (2007)

Some Jazzy Tunes in troubled times (2007)

Nearly eight years after the last album, I had enough songs to fill a new album. This time I wanted to focus on jazzy songs.